If you’re feeling sad just remember Ozzy Osbourne wanted to get Sharon some flowers but all the shops were closed so he went into a graveyard and picked up a bunch and when Sharon got them she wondered why there was a card saying “in memory of our dearest Harold”


Bloodshot Dawn - Bloodshot Dawn

Yet another Par Olofsson cover. I just can’t get enough of his work!


Transparent Bloodshot Dawn Logo

Check these guys out. They’re Melodic Death/Thrash Metal from the UK (x)


Out of the Deep by North Sky Photography


oregon coast.

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wearing da cap backwardz wow so swiggity such swag much living dead


So this is my second giveaway and im so excited (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

You can win 

~  a black cute wing bag 

~ a cute rilakkuma pyjama (please tell me your size)

~ a alpacasso ( you can choose from 4 colors blue , pink , white and rainbow)

Its 53 cm large

~ One wig with ponytails (please choose your color)

Rules :

~ mbf me ( i will check)

~ Reblog as many times as you want (for multiple entries) , likes count too

~ i ship international 

~ no giveaway or side blogs

~ Winner will be choosen by

~ Ends on August , 30th

~ The Giveaway will only count if the notes hit 3k

Good luck everyone! :3


thats how i roll

I shall bring this back.


NEW VIDEO EVERYONE! ‘Dan and Tyler Being Offensive’

we’re finally together. and it’s much more sexual and inappropriate than we could have ever hoped. please help me out by reblogging this and as usual i’ll stalk some of your blogs to say thanks! :)

Alright, I was checking some university websites because this is gonna be my last year of high school and I feel like I am literally losing my mind.
I don’t feel ready to even worry about uni.

Also German scares the shit out of me. Hug me. :(((